Tuesday, August 14, 2012


tRuth.... Goes through three stages; First ,it is ridiculed; Next, it is violently opposed; until..... FINALLY~~~~ IT BECOMES COMMON KNOWLEDGE. - discovered in the bathroom. ( on the wall) Have u discovered tRUTH?..... Lovingly Ruth walking with & in the TRUTH of GOD as HE reveals HIMSELF.....sometimes and often in the most unexpected places and ways but ALWAYS in HIS WORD and If I honestly and prayerfully BE STILL and KNOW HIS STILL SMALL VOICE!... What an AWESOME lover of my soul!....


  1. Dear Ruth,
    How are you?? I recently visited your blogspot and was so glad to see some new postings after such a long time. (I tried to send an e-mail some time ago at your joyfulrose address but it was returned as no longer active.) But Ruth, what has happened? Upon reading your blogs it sounds like really awful things have been happening to you. Are you really living in a car?? I am truly concerned for you. I do hope you will not think me prying but I am truly shocked at what I am comprehending from these blogs, how can this have happened? I do hope and pray that you are alright.
    Please let me hear from you sometime, if you can.
    Karen Ade

  2. Hello, Ruth.

    Thinking about you and praying for you tonight. :)

    Rebecca Jones