Tuesday, August 14, 2012


tRuth.... Goes through three stages; First ,it is ridiculed; Next, it is violently opposed; until..... FINALLY~~~~ IT BECOMES COMMON KNOWLEDGE. - discovered in the bathroom. ( on the wall) Have u discovered tRUTH?..... Lovingly Ruth walking with & in the TRUTH of GOD as HE reveals HIMSELF.....sometimes and often in the most unexpected places and ways but ALWAYS in HIS WORD and If I honestly and prayerfully BE STILL and KNOW HIS STILL SMALL VOICE!... What an AWESOME lover of my soul!....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

All now mysterious...like fog...

....Will be BRIGHT at last. ....will be bright and clear one day.... Just like the SUN coming out! We can not KNOW GOD completely as much as we try...not can we understand all his ways....nor can we know anyone...we can see character over time.... What are you or I characterized by....our daily habits formed from our thoughts and beliefs ? What does GOD see and want? That is what matters and brings the peace & joy daily... That is what I have found... The pearl... THE PEARL OF PEARLS... Of GREAT PRICE that I will not sell or compromise for anything or anyone!.... Who are we to JUDGE anyone???? Only GOD knows the heart.... Oh let us ALL be so very care-ful & cautious least we fall and THINK we know anyone or anything...save KNOWING CHRIST and our CONSTANT breath by breath ...moment by moment NEED for a greater power ...wisdom ... Peace... Hope...joy... LOVE ...from the ONE the ONLY one TRUE GOD ... ELOHIM ... CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE... Y' SHUA... the MESSIAH.... KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS???? OH do you know,....really.. KNOW my Redeemer? ... THE LOVER of my soul as I DO? ... OH the Ecstasy I live in and the Favor HE bestows on me and ALL who walk in HIS ways... Diligently listening to HIS sweet voice and having intimate fellowship... Time ... A looking to HIS face ..." eyes" ...heart... It is like falling in love over and over again and again... Oh the bliss of earthly joys when enjoyed through heavenly vision and insight! I truly enjoy EVERY precious moment & Every PRECIOUS person ... Even the person HE is creating me to be in this alone time. Oh such LOVE ...like the ocean that is my view here on the California Coast as I visit my brother and sister- in- love's ...LOVERLY " green certified home overlooking a gorgeous beach and cliff scene!.... Yes life IS HARD because " THIS AIN'T HEAVEN" and I too have moments of agony missing ones I LOVE and LONG to see ( the MANY in heaven and those on earth that distance has separated ) But I can & do live in ecstasy most hours of the day because of my sweet union with JESUS and all the gifts HE brings and blesses me with constantly... HE wipes my tears away and hugs and touches me with HIS amazing grace... Often by the human touch and HE alone gives me EVERYTHING I need and so often SO MUCH MORE...abundant life- unspeakable JOY!!! When you have fasted like I have ~oh the feasting is O SO MUCH more incredible - fantastico - wunderbar.....oh join me won't you?...talk to GOD...ask HIM honestly ...CRY OUT!....HE WILL ANSWER...read HIS love letter to you... The Bible...Psalms and proverbs and the words of JESUS... Oh HE will teach and guide if you let HIM... Embrace the tears..embrace this moment... And... GIVE THANKS!!!!.... Yes all the mystery makes life an exciting READ! I have learned to be content ... Whether living in my car ... Partying with the homeless ( gypsy that I now am) or sailing with the millionaires.... It is all the same... Because ...the LORD IS my Shepherd... I have EVERYTHING that I need.... I KNOW GOD.....do you?...Oh taste and SEE the LORD is GOOD... Some say Seeing is believing To me.... BELIEVING is SEEING!!!!! definition of believe : to rely on to CLING to... To TRUST in...Hebrew : BETAH ! Oh just ask to see JESUS... And you will! Gratefully & therefore JOYfully & lovinly ~ Ruthy

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back- well...coming back!

Wow! God sure moves in mysterious ways. One thing for sure I have learned over and over Especially when and since my first born son died at one week old in my arms due to the 'mistakes' and medication of Medical Drs. "When you can't trace GOD'S hand - TRUST HIS HEART!!! Yesterday I attended my x mother-in-law's Funeral. What an inspiration her life & legacy was & is. What will mine be and yours? What is TRULY important! To me it is living VICTORiously right where you are - no matter the circumstances ...helping & serving others but also taking care of yourself to be able to keep fulfilling your ' glorious destiny' as Abe Lincoln called it. Sometimes we are FORCED on a rest or sabbatical by God when we get off balance in any Key area... We must embrace it and pursue GOD - HIS thoughts - HIS healing ways! JOIN me!....? ...let us seek TRUE Health together.... Lovingly and prayingly Ruthy

Thursday, May 5, 2011


"What if your blessings come through raindrops?
What if your healing comes through tears?
What if your thousand sleepless nights become the way you know GOD's near?

what if.... trials of this life.... are GOD'S mercies in disguise?..."

From the new & Great song by Laura Story ( google it on u tube & be blessed !)

My favorite saying right now is:
LIFE IS HARD but this AIN'T HEAVEN! - quoted from a preacher quoting a black preacher!

I am longing for heaven more than ever but there is much to do until God calls us home-
Let's embrace life abundantly and abound in grace & health & joy!...
Lovingly, Ruth Elisabeth

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ethel Waters a favorite singer since I was child

I am safe in the eye of my storm! Are you?

Let me know how I can pray for you!
And please continue to pray for me. Thanks!

JESUS is our example in everything!
And the ON!Y one we can completely trust!
He kept trusting & obeying His Father and forgiving and loving everyone else!
I miss you ...I Long to see you face to face!

Do you have a favorite song today?

Found this video /song that I never heard before while looking for His Eye is on the sparrow bt Ethel waters!!!
Wow do watch it ASAP... Her testimony in a 4 min song and mine too!

Check out this video on YouTube:

 For more...
Try this... Link:  for story behind the song if you have time/ interest

Another link to song:

Love that woman and that song...reminds me daily...
"I sing because I am happy I sing because I'm FREE~ for GOD'S eye is on the sparrow..
So I know He is watching you &me!
Romans 15.13.  Joy~Peace...
Revelations 22.21 ...& especially... Grace to you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Got SUN?... I do...

It's like the sun is shining when the rain is falling down....

And in the Northwest that is often! ( rain and rainbows and even sunshine if you will just look for it and be grateful for just one ray of light!

But today and yesterday felt like 70 degrees at noon as I took a sun bath twice for an hour!
Still healing up from new concussion of last week... Please do not feel bad or worry - just pray because I am experiencing GOd's love, provision and healing and MIRACLES abounding lIke NEVER before....
Hope you are getting your Vit D.. It is not the sun that causes skin cancer -it is blocking the sun's healthy rays with toxic sunscreens , sunglasses or even just avoiding it... I hope you do not believe what the "experts" say about health in country that is one of the UNHEALTHIEST in the WORLD!!! Look to the oldn days and ways!
ASK God to guide you and HE will but not in ways you would expect! Read your Bible - it has ALL the answers to LIFE here on earth after all it is our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! ( the B.I.B.L.E) so glad I had parents who modeled that- not perfectly but perfectly for me! psalm 32:8 says " I will guide you with my eye." but you have to be close and looking not doing your own thing!
I highly recommend a book that talks about Sunshine and GOD's healing SONshine called CONQUERING ANY DISEASE.... Just found it in a friends's table I was visitng and it is so much of what I had to learn the HARD way and so far I agree with everything in the little bit of reading and gleaning since I found it 2 days ago... Take it to God and ask what part is for you & your situation. NO ONE IS the same but their are principles of health that are universal! Do not be afraid to learn something from anyone and EVERYONE you meet. I do and it is so exciting!
Blessings of Peace & life- giving sunshine & SONshine!!
JESUS IS the Light Of the world!
I am warmed through and through !
Are you?
Ruth Elizabeth
Isaiah 40-41